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We have discontinued our store sevices. In the near future we will service our customers only throu Internet/Online.

These services will include cake decorating and cooking classes. Also cake tops and hand made sugar flowers.  

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We want to announce that Charo's Bakery has discontinued its store services of over 23 years in downtown Lowell. In the near future we will service our customers only through Internet/Online.

Charo will not be available anylonger to delight you with her delicious cakes, but get ready for January because she has an extensive range of cake decorating and cooking courses and workshops. She will offer also accessories to embellish even the simplest of cakes.  

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"... Thank you for your love and support. They made me very happy. Yours always.


"... We are making the transition to Internet/Online services. Thanks for you loyalty. 



Charo's Bakery offers only Internet/Online services. Store service has been discontinued. 

So write to us at

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For questions about new cake decorating and cooking clases, Contact Charo's Bakery Today!



Cake being made at Charo's Bakery